X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.)

Real Estate and Housing (REH)

Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, College of Business and Economics

The Real Estate and Housing major in the B.Comm. program is one of only a few undergraduate programs in Canada that specialize in the real estate sector. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of residential and commercial/investment real estate. Topics such as the development, financing, valuation, market analysis and management of real estate are taught in the context of economic, legal, political and social factors affecting this large and growing field of business in Canada and the world.

The purpose of this major is to develop the conceptual, analytical and management skills required for careers in real estate and housing. Students graduate with a degree that can lead to a variety of professional positions in the private or public sectors of the Canadian real estate industry or they can continue on to graduate work in business, planning or the social sciences.

Given the professional and applied nature of the program, there are no double majors or minors associated with the degree. Elective options enable students to select courses which support or complement their primary field of study. Examples: (1) students can use Liberal Education and free electives to earn the Certificate in Leadership. See http://www.leadershipcertificate.com/ for information regarding this Certificate and its course requirements; (2) students interested in languages and/or going on exchange can use their Liberal Education and free electives to study one or more of the various languages taught at the University. (3) Students interested in obtaining their Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI) designation should consider taking some of the additional 4 required courses through University of British Columbia distance education by letter of permission to count as electives in their degree, once they have completed REAL*4820.

Note: students also can take courses of interest as electives without concern for clustering.

Students may consult the REH Faculty Advisor or B.Comm. Program Counsellor for additional information.

Liberal Education Requirement

As part of the graduation requirement all students within the B.Comm. Program are required to complete 1.50 credits from at least two different subject prefixes as listed under the B.Comm. Program Information section of the undergraduate calendar.


Students in the Real Estate and Housing major are required to take the courses listed below. For this major, 16.00 of the 20.00 credits are specified as core requirements and 4.00 as electives (including the Liberal Education Requirements of 1.50 credits.)

Semester 1
ECON*1050 [0.50] Introductory Microeconomics
REAL*1820 [0.50] Real Estate and Housing
MGMT*1000 [1.00] Introduction to Business
0.50 electives
Semester 2
ACCT*2220 [0.50] Financial Accounting
ECON*1100 [0.50] Introductory Macroeconomics
MCS*1000 [0.50] Introductory Marketing
MATH*1030 [0.50] Business Mathematics
0.50 electives
Semester 3
ACCT*2230 [0.50] Management Accounting
ECON*2310 [0.50] Intermediate Microeconomics
REAL*2850 [0.50] Service Learning in Housing
One of:
ECON*2740 [0.50] Economic Statistics
STAT*2060 [0.50] Statistics for Business Decisions
0.50 electives
Semester 4
ECON*2560 [0.50] Theory of Finance
HROB*2100 [1.00] Managing People in Organizations
REAL*2820 [0.50] Real Estate Finance
One of:
CIS*1200 [0.50] Introduction to Computing
CIS*1500 [0.50] Introduction to Programming
MCS*2020 [0.50] Marketing Information Management
Semester 5
ECON*2410 [0.50] Intermediate Macroeconomics
REAL*4820 [0.50] Real Estate Appraisal
REAL*4840 [0.50] Housing and Real Estate Law
1.00 electives
Semester 6
ECON*3960 [0.50] Money, Credit and the Financial System
LARC*2820 [0.50] Urban and Regional Planning
MGMT*3320 [0.50] Financial Management
REAL*3890 [0.50] Property Management
0.50 electives
Semester 7
ECON*3500 [0.50] Urban Economics
MGMT*4000 [0.50] Strategic Management
REAL*3810 [0.50] Real Estate Market Analysis
REAL*4870 [0.50] Sustainable Real Estate
0.50 electives
Semester 8
ECON*3660 [0.50] Economics of Equity Markets
POLS*3270 [0.50] Local Government in Ontario
REAL*4830 [1.00] Real Estate Development Project
0.50 electives
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