VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures


Submission of Final Grades

General Information

Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services, distributes the "Grades Due Report" forms to the departments one week prior to the examinations period for the semester. The "Grades Due Report" specifies the deadline date for submission of grades to Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services.

Instructor's Responsibilities

The instructor (department) is to retain all final examination papers and term assessments not returned to students for a period of one semester. The "Grades Due Report" form distributed by Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services, will carry the due date for grades for each course section. The due dates are established in accordance with the regulations of the Senate.

Grades must be submitted to Enrolment Services by the deadline stated on the "Grades Due Report". The early submission of grades will assist in their processing. Grades that are not received prior to the release of student grades are reported as "MNR" (mark not received).

Class lists are updated regularly on the Class List Web-site for departmental download. Lists downloaded from the Class List Web-site list all officially registered students in a class. The department must explain any changes to the list, e.g., in the case of:

  1. A student whose name is not on the list, but who has been attending class.

  2. A student whose name appears on the list, but for whom the instructor has no record.

Instructors must not grant an extension of time to any student beyond the final date for submission of grades for that course. Instructors must report students who do not satisfy course requirements by assigning a grade of "INC" and noting incomplete work on an Incomplete Coursework Form.

Incomplete Coursework Form

Instructors should only submit grades for students who have completed their final work for a course. If a student does not complete a final examination or final assignment, the instructor must enter "INC" (incomplete) on the "Grade Report" form and complete an Incomplete Coursework Form for the student. The Incomplete Coursework Form is available from the chair of the department. Departments must submit the Incomplete Coursework Form(s) along with the "Grade Report" form to Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services. The Academic Review Sub-Committee will contact the faculty and/or department chairs at the time of meetings if this procedure is not followed. The Incomplete Coursework Form assists the members of the Academic Review Sub-Committee in making their decision. The instructor must complete all sections of the form for each student reported.

Student's Responsibilities

Students must have all final assignments completed and submitted to instructors by the deadline dates indicated in the course outline. Instructors cannot grant extensions beyond the deadline for submission of grades. Students who are unable to satisfy the submission deadlines established by the instructor and who wish special consideration for medical, psychological or compassionate reasons should request academic consideration (refer to Academic Consideration and Appeals).

Department Chair's Responsibilities

The chair of the department signs student grades in the designated area on the "Grade Report" form. The department chair's signature indicates that he/she believes that the grades for that course adhere to the academic regulations of Senate.

If the chair has reason to believe that the academic regulations of Senate have not been adhered to, he/she will consult with the faculty member and, if necessary, the college dean. If the chair, after such consultation, still believes that the academic regulations of Senate have not been adhered to, he/she must submit the grades without approval through the college dean to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic). The grades must be accompanied by a complete report. The Provost and Vice-President (Academic) will act to ensure that the academic regulations of Senate are adhered to.

The department chair should be available for consultation during the meetings of the Academic Review Sub-Committees.

The Board of Undergraduate Studies strongly encourages each chair, at his/her discretion, to conduct a periodic review of the methods of assessment, class averages, distribution of grades and failure rates in courses offered by that department to ensure that grade abuse does not occur (refer to Final Grades).

Program Counsellor's Responsibilities

The program counsellor reviews the list of "INC" (incomplete) courses, matching medical documentation, requests for academic consideration, and counselling files (refer to Deferred Privileges). The program counsellor in conjunction with the Academic Review Sub-Committee assigns deferred privileges where appropriate and forwards decisions to Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services.

Registrar's Responsibilities

Enrolment Services records the examination results; notifies students of their grades via WebAdvisor; notifies program counsellors of incomplete grades; and records deferred privilege decisions (refer to Deferred Privileges).

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