VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Grade Reassessment

Misapplication of an Academic Regulation or Procedure

A student may make a request for a grade reassessment of their final grade in a course if they believe that there has been a misapplication of an academic regulation or procedure in the course. “Misapplication” refers to situations where an instructor has not followed the grading procedures established by Senate. Academic regulations and procedures pertaining to grades can be found in the subsection of the "Grades" section entitled "Grading Procedures".


  1. Students who believe that the misapplication of an academic regulation or procedure has affected or will affect the final grade in the course should discuss their concern with the instructor in writing (via email) as soon as possible and no later than the 10th class day of the subsequent semester.

  2. If the concern is not resolved within 5 working days, the student may submit a complaint in writing to the Chair/Director of the department offering the course.

    The complaint should state the reasons for the request and include available supplemental documentation (copy of the assignment(s) in question, copy of information posted to the course website, email correspondence if relevant, etc.)

  3. If the Chair/Director has reason to believe that the instructor has not adhered to the grading procedures established by Senate or other academic regulations of Senate, the Chair/Director should consult with the faculty member and the Associate Dean (Academic) for the college.

  4. The Chair/Director and Associate Dean (Academic) determine the remedy, based on consultation. This type of grade reassessment may require additional consultation with the Dean and/or the Office of the Associate Vice-President (Academic) to determine an appropriate remedy.

  5. The Chair/Director notifies the student bringing the request, and any other affected students, in writing (via email). If the remedy affects the entire class, the information is also posted to the course website and a communication plan may be required.

  6. Ultimately, the Provost and Vice President (Academic) may have to take the necessary action to ensure compliance with the academic regulations of Senate.

  7. The remedy established by the Dean and in consultation with the administrators identified above is not subject to review by the Senate Committee on Student Petitions.

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