XI. Special Study Opportunities

Certificates and Diplomas

Certificate in German Language and Culture

The Certificate in German Language and Culture provides students with an intermediate level (B1) of competency in the German language and awareness of the cultures of German-speaking countries.

A minimum of 2.50 credits is required, including:

Required Courses

GERM*1110 [0.50] Introductory German II
GERM*1110 [0.50] Introductory German II
GERM*2490 [0.50] Intermediate German I
GERM*2500 [0.50] Intermediate German II
1 of:
GERM*2050 [0.50] Introduction to Literature
GERM*2400 [0.50] Contemporary Germany
GERM*3700 [0.50] Experiential Learning and Language

Students with no previous German will begin in GERM*1100.

Students with previous studies in German will begin at an appropriate level after placement by the Head of German Studies and may take more advanced GERM courses to complete the 2.50 credits.

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