XVI. Administration and Faculty

College of Business and Economics

J.M. Christensen Hughes, Dean and Professor (Department of Management), B.COMM. (GUELPH), M.B.A., PH.D. (YORK CAN.)

K. Godfrey, Associate Dean Academic and Professor (School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management) B.SC.HON. (UVIC.), M.SC. (SURREY), CMS (UC WORCS.), CTHE (OXFORD POLY.), C.E.L., M.B.A. (LEICESTER), PH.D. (OXFORD BROOKES)

M. Plesca, Interim Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies and Associate Professor, B.SC. (CLUZ), M.A. (GEORGETOWN), PH.D. (W.ONT.)

C. Evans, Assistant Dean and Executive Director of Executive Programs and Assistant Professor, B.SC. (TOR), M.A., PH.D. (GUELPH)

S. Carter, Manager, Marketing & Communications, B.A. (WLU)

C. Bradshaw, Co-op/Career Coordinator, B.A. (GUELPH)

H. Clark, Bachelor of Commerce Program Counsellor, B.A. (MCM)

D.J. Dobbins, Manager, Research and Partnerships, B.A.SC., M.A. (Leadership) (GUELPH)

J. Emeneau, Manager, Academic Programs, B.A.SC. (GUELPH)

F. Hoffmeyer, Assistant Bachelor of Commerce Program Counsellor, B.A.SC. (GUELPH)

H. Huisman, Manager, Finance and Administration, B.ASC. (GUELPH), CGA

M. Lang, Director, The Centre for Business and Student Enterprise and Adjunct Professor, Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, B.COMM., M.SC. (GUELPH)

M. Moroz, ‚ÄčProfessional Relations Manager, Business Career Development Centre, B.COMM (RYERSON)

C. Statton, Manager Recruitment and Operations, Executive Programs, MA (GUELPH), B.SC. (TO.)

M. Walsh, Senior Manager, Advancement, MBA (GUELPH), B.A. (DALHOUSIE)

University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1