X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.)

Leadership and Organizational Management (LOM)

Department of Management, College of Business and Economics

The major in Leadership and Organizational Management provides a balanced foundation of management knowledge and strategic leadership competencies that will enable graduates to one day work as professional managers and organizational leaders. Courses extend beyond the traditional lecture based format to include community based group projects, guest lecturers, in-class simulations and case-based learning to help link academic expertise and theory with industry practice. Experiential learning is an integral part of the major, and occurs through the integration of industry examples in the classroom, and a required course in evidence-based management, in which students conduct research in organizations under the direction of a faculty member. Our faculty are highly skilled and committed educators who encourage students to become actively involved in their own education, both within and outside the classroom. In addition, the Leadership and Organizational Management Student Association (LOMSA) is active in providing access to professional associations, networking opportunities with industry professionals, leadership conferences, guest speakers and social events to help students build relationships with other students, faculty, and the business community.

Graduates of the Leadership and Organizational Management major will leave the University of Guelph equipped with a range of knowledge and competencies that prepare them to meet the leadership and management needs of the future in such roles as management consultant, human resource practitioner, talent management specialist or as future general managers. Successful completion of the courses within the Leadership and Organizational Management may qualify graduates for potential certification by the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) as a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP).

Degree Requirements (20.00 Total Credits)

14.50 - Required Core Courses

0.00 – MGMT*1100 (Business Career Preparation)

1.50 - Liberal Education Electives

4.00 - Free Electives

The recommended program sequence is outlined below.


Semester 1
ECON*1050 [0.50] Introductory Microeconomics
MCS*1000 [0.50] Introductory Marketing
MGMT*1000 [1.00] Introduction to Business
0.50 electives
Semester 2
ECON*1100 [0.50] Introductory Macroeconomics
HROB*2090 [0.50] Individuals and Groups in Organizations
MATH*1030 [0.50] Business Mathematics
1.00 electives
Semester 3
ACCT*1220 [0.50] Introductory Financial Accounting
ECON*2200 [0.50] Industrial Relations
HROB*2010 [0.50] Foundations of Leadership
One of:
ECON*2740 [0.50] Economic Statistics
STAT*2060 [0.50] Statistics for Business Decisions
0.50 electives
Semester 4
ACCT*2230 [0.50] Management Accounting
HROB*2290 [0.50] Human Resources Management
MCS*2020 [0.50] Information Management
MGMT*1100 [0.00] Business Career Preparation
1.00 electives
Semester 5
ECON*2560 [0.50] Theory of Finance
HROB*3010 [0.50] Managing and Rewarding Performance
HROB*3050 [0.50] Employment Law
HROB*3070 [0.50] Attracting and Acquiring Talent
0.50 electives
Semester 6
HROB*3030 [0.50] Workplace Health and Safety
HROB*3090 [0.50] Developing Talent
HROB*3100 [0.50] Developing Management and Leadership Competencies
FARE*3310 [0.50] Operations Management
MGMT*3320 [0.50] Financial Management
Semester 7
HROB*4100 [1.00] Evidence-Based People Management
MGMT*4000 [0.50] Strategic Management
1.00 electives
Semester 8
HROB*4000 [0.50] Leadership and Organizational Management Capstone
HROB*4060 [0.50] Workforce Optimization
MGMT*3020 [0.50] Corporate Social Responsibility
1.00 electives
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Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1