VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Academic Misconduct


A. Range of Penalties That May be Assessed

If a student is found guilty of academic misconduct, an Official Warning will be given that an offence is now noted in the student’s record and that a subsequent offence will attract a more severe penalty. In addition, one or more of the following penalties may be assessed:

  1. A requirement for submission of a new or alternative piece of work.

  2. The rescinding of University-funded scholarships or bursaries.

  3. Partial or total loss of marks on the examination or assignment in which the offence occurred.

  4. Partial or total loss of marks for the course in which the offence occurred.

  5. Suspension from the University for a period of between one and six consecutive semesters. For the period of suspension, a student will not be permitted to register and will retain none of the privileges accorded to students with respect to right of access to University faculty, staff, facilities or services.

  6. A recommendation for expulsion from the University.

  7. A recommendation for revocation/rescinding of a degree. A person who is found guilty of academic misconduct after having been approved for graduation, or after having a degree conferred, may have the degree rescinded or revoked when, in the opinion of the dean, the offence, if detected, would have resulted in a sanction sufficiently severe that the degree would not have been granted at the time that it was.

B. Notes with Respect to Penalties

The following should be noted with respect to penalties:

  1. Senate has approved a set of Guidelines for the Assessment of Penalties for Academic Misconduct. These guidelines are used by chairs/directors and deans to assist them in determining appropriate penalties for individual cases. A copy of the guidelines can be found within this chapter under Penalties, or may be obtained from the Senate Office or the office of any chair or dean.

  2. Students who have been found guilty of a course-based offence and who have been assessed a penalty in addition to an Official Warning will not be permitted to drop the course or to withdraw with failure. A student who has dropped the course prior to the offence(s) being detected will have his/her enrolment in the course reinstated if found guilty and if the penalty assessed is other than an Official Warning.

  3. Students who have been suspended for academic misconduct will not receive credit for any courses taken while under suspension. This policy applies to any credit course taken during the suspension period, be it distance, or non-campus, taken in open learning programs at the University of Guelph or at another post-secondary institution. In addition, in the case of graduate students, any research or writing completed during the suspension period may not be submitted in fulfillment of program requirements once the period of suspension is concluded.

  4. A student who wishes to be considered for readmission after a suspension must make an application that will be judged on the basis of eligibility to continue. A student who is suspended for academic misconduct and also fails to meet the continuation of study requirement will normally be required to serve the associated penalties consecutively.

  5. A student who has been expelled from the University of Guelph is not eligible for readmission to the University for at least five years. A student who wishes to be considered for readmission must petition the President to have the expulsion status removed. The President will form a hearing committee to review the case for lifting the admission restriction. If the committee decides to remove the expulsion status, the student who wishes to be considered for readmission must then make an application that will be judged on the basis of eligibility to continue. If the committee decides to leave the expulsion status in place, the student must wait at least another two years before submitting a new petition.

  6. Penalties may be applied retroactively if an offence is discovered subsequent to completion of a course or after graduation.

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