VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Transfer of Program

1. Procedures for Currently Registered Students

Course selection should be completed for the new program. The admission decision will be made after grades from the current semester are available and after the deadline date for course selection. The drop and add procedure must be used if the application is submitted after the course selection deadline date and if course selection has been completed for the current program.

Fee changes necessitated by the change of program will be calculated automatically by Student Financial Services.

The admission decision will be sent to the student's Campus Post Office Box during the first week of the following semester.

Students who have received an offer of admission which they wish to decline must contact Admission Services within the first 10 class days and complete the Cancellation of Program Transfer form. Students who fail to decline the offer will remain registered in the new program. All students must verify their course selection with their faculty advisor to ensure compatibility with their program of study.

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