XI. Special Study Opportunities

Certificates and Diplomas

Certificate in Leadership

The Certificate in Leadership is offered by the University of Guelph through the College of Business and Economics. This certificate program allows undergraduate students to complete both their degree program and the certificate concurrently. As well, the certificate is available to students in the Open Learning program.

The program focuses on new leadership models and practical applications in a variety of organizational settings. 2.50 credits are required in addition to 120 hours of leadership practice. Students will develop an historical and theoretical understanding of leadership with particular emphasis on contemporary theories, models and research.

For more information, please visit the website at: http://www.leadershipcertificate.com/


HROB*2010*DE [0.50] Foundations of Leadership
HROB*4010*DE [0.50] Leadership Certificate Capstone

Ethics Course Requirement (Select 0.50 credits)

PHIL*2120 [0.50] Ethics
PHIL*2600 [0.50] Business and Professional Ethics
POLS*3440 [0.50] Corruption, Scandal and Political Ethics

Electives (Select 1.00 credits)

EDRD*3140 [0.50] Organizational Communication
EDRD*3160 [0.50] International Communication
EDRD*4120 [0.50] Leadership Development in Small Organizations
HROB*2090 [0.50] Individuals and Groups in Organizations
HROB*2290 [0.50] Human Resources Management
HROB*4030 [0.50] Advanced Topics In Leadership and Organizational Management
HROB*4100 [1.00] Evidence-Based People Management
MGMT*2150 [0.50] Introduction to Canadian Business Management [ B.Comm students may not take this course for credit in their degree program.]
PHIL*2100 [0.50] Critical Thinking
POLS*2250 [0.50] Public Administration and Governance

The selection and approval of the 120 hours of leadership practice takes place during HROB*2010 (Foundations of Leadership). For more information, please visit the website at: http://www.leadershipcertificate.com/

Note: Students enrolled in the Leadership and Organizational Management major are not eligible for this certificate.

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