XI. Special Study Opportunities

Open Learning

Guaranteed Admission to the B.Comm. Program

Open Learning program students with no previous post-secondary education will be offered guaranteed admission to the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) degree program under the following conditions.

  1. Applicants must satisfy the English proficiency requirements (see the Undergraduate Calendar, Chapter IV Admission, English Proficiency).

  2. Successful completion of four-degree-level courses (2.00 credits) with a cumulative average of 70% or above in at most 6 course (3.00 credit) attempts. The four courses (2.00 credits) used in the calculation of the cumulative average will include any degree-level courses used to meet the English and mathematics requirements and must satisfy the following:

    1. at least 1.00 credits must be from arts and social sciences;

    2. no more than 1.00 credits from mathematics and statistics combined may be used to calculate the cumulative average.

  3. Applicants must satisfy the following English and mathematics requirements:

    English Requirement

    A grade of 75% or higher in English 12U or the successful completion of one course (0.50 credits) from:

    ENGL*1030, ENGL*1200, GEOG*1220, POLS*1400, SOC*1100, WMST*1000

    Mathematics Requirement

    A grade of 75% or higher in the 12U mathematics course(s) required for the applicant's intended major or the successful completion of MATH*1030.

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