XVI. Administration and Faculty

Administration and Faculty

Administrative Officers

Office of the President

F. Vaccarino, President and Vice-Chancellor, B.SC. (TOR.), M.SC., PH.D (MCG.)

M.M. Murphy, Legal Counsel, B.SC. (ST. F.X. ANTIGONISH, N.S.), LLB (W.ONT.)

University Secretariat

G. Gauthier-Chalifour, University Secretary, B.A. (W. LAUR.), M.A. (GUELPH)

S. Willey-Thomas, Associate University Secretary, B.A., M.I.P.P. (W. LAUR.)

B. Doadt, Associate University Secretary, B.F.A (RYERSON), J.D. (W.ONT)

K. Ingoldsby, Governance Officer, B.A.(W. ONT), CHRP (FANSHAWE)

B. Doadt, Acting Governance Officer, B.F.A (RYERSON), J.D. (W.ONT)

Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

C. Yates, Provost and Vice-President (Academic), B.A. (WINN.), M.A. (QU), PH.D. (QU.)

Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

C Dewey, Interm Associate Vice-President (Academic), Professor, D.V.M., M.SC. PH.D. (GUELPH)

R. Darling, Registrar, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

P. Tersigni, Director, Academic Programs and Policy, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

M. Fach, Director, Open Learning, M.B.A. (ATHABASCA), M. Ed. (BROCK)

L. Mitchell, Director, Centre for International Programs and International Liaison Officer, B.SC. (AGR.), M.SC, PH.D. (Guelph)

S.G. Dorr, Coordinator of the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH), M.S. (KANSAS ST.)

I. Newby-Clark, Director, First Year Seminars, B.SC. (TOR.), PH.D. (WAT.)

Office of the Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs)

B. Whiteside, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs), B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

S. McRoberts, B.A., M.A, Department of Athletics

J. Westlake, M.A, Interim Case Director

V. Trew, RECE, ECERC, B.A., M.A, Director, Child Care and Learning Centre

I. Thompson, B.A., M.B.A, Director, Student Housing Services

L. Schnarr, M. A., Director Student Life:

A. Burnett, RN, MScN, Director, Student Wellness Services:

J. Ferguson, Interim Director, Co-operative Education and Career Service

Office of the Assistant Vice-President (Faculty and Academic Staff Relations)

T. Jandrisits, Assistant Vice-President Faculty and Academic Staff Relations, B.SC. (GUELPH), CHRP.

Office of the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies)

B. Bradshaw, Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies), Associate Professor, B.A. (TRENT), PH.D (GUELPH)

Office of the Assistant Vice-President (Institutional Analysis Research)

K. Menard, Assistant Vice-President (Institutional Research and Planning), B.A. (CAR.), M.A., PH.D. (WAT.)

C.A. Beattie, Research Associate, B.SC. (GUELPH)

M. Kupferschmidt, Research Associate, B.A. (GUELPH)

R. Heenan, Manager of Government Reporting and Data Products, B.A.H. (TOR), M.B.A. (MAC)

University of Guelph-Humber

J. Walsh, Vice-Provost, Chief Academic Officer and Chief Executive Officer, University of Guelph-Humber, B.A. (THAMES), M.B.A., PH.D. (W.ONT.)

University Library

R. Graham, University Librarian, B.SC. (WILBERFORCE), M.S. (UIUC)

B. McDonald, Associate University Librarian (Academic), B.A. (TRENT), M.L.I.S. (DAL.)

M.J. D'Elia, B.A. Acting Associate University Librarian (Research), B.A. (W.ONT.), MLIS (DAL.)

Office of the Vice-President, External

D. Atlin, Vice President, External, B.A. (W.ONT.)

K. Bertrand, Associate Vice-President, (Major Gift Advancement), B.A.H. (QU.)

C. Cunningham, Assistant Vice-President, Communications and Public Affairs, B.E.S. (WAT.)

J. Moreton, Associate Vice-President, (Alumni Advancement), B.A. (GUELPH), M.A. (W.LAUR.)

Alumni Affairs and Development

K. Bertrand, Assistant Vice-President, (Major Gift Advancement), B.A.H. (QU.)

J. Moreton, Associate Vice-President, (Alumni Advancement), B.A. (GUELPH), M.A. (W.LAUR.)

J. Barrett, Associate Director, Major Gift Strategy, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

R. Butler, Director, Planned Giving, B.A. (GUELPH), B.COMM. (WIND.)

L. Hood, Associate Director, Annual Giving, B.SC.H. (QU.), M.A.(GUELPH)

A. Jamal, Associate Director, Major Gift Strategy, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

W. Jespersen, Manager, Advancement Communications, MEDIA DIP. (SHERIDAN)

R. Moroz, Associate Director, Information Systems, B.MIS. (RYERSON)

W. Turner, Associate Director, Stewardship, B.COMM (GUELPH)

Communications and Public Affairs

C. Cunningham, Assistant Vice-President, B.E.S. (WAT.)

L. Bona Hunt, Director, News Service, B.SC. (UTAH), M.A. (GUELPH)

S. Bubak, News Editor, B.A. (WAT.), B.J. (RYERSON)

K. Gonsalves, News Service Officer, B.J. (RYERSON)

J. Hennessy, Internal Communications Co-ordinator, B.A. (WAT.)

S. Morrison, Manager Publications, B.A. (W.LAUR), B.J. (UNIVERSITY OF KING'S COLLEGE)

S. Robertson, Manager, University Website, B.A. (YORK, CAN.)

A. Scott, Web Designer. B.F.A. (NSCAD)

A. Vowles, Staff Writer, B.SC. (GUELPH)

V. Ward, Administrative Assistant, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

Community Relations

S. Bennett, Director University and Community Relations, B.A. (QU.)

C. Alexander, Special Projects Manager, B.B.A. (SFU)

Office of the Vice-President (Finance and Administration)

D. O'Leary, Vice-President (Finance and Administration), B.B.A. (UNB.)

R.J. Carter, Associate Vice-President (Physical Resources), M.A..SC., P.ENG., CEFP

M. Harley, Assistant Vice-President (Human Resources)

Vacant, Assistant Vice-President (Finance and Services)

E. Townsley, Executive Director (Hospitality Services)

D. Lee, Director, Campus Community Police, Emergency Management and Fire Safety

Office of the Vice-President (Research)

M. M. Campbell, Vice-President (Research) and Professor, B.SC., PH.D. (GUELPH), M.A. OXON (OXFORD)

J. R. Livernois, Associate Vice-President (Research Services), B.A. (TOR.), M.A., PH.D. (BR.COL.)

W. Caldwell, Interim Associate Vice-President Research (Strategic Partnerships) and Professor, B.A., M.A. (W.ONT.), PH.D. (WAT.)

S. L. Cox, Executive Director, Research Innovation and Knowledge Mobilization, D.V.M., M.BA. (Guelph)

Colleges and Faculties

College of Arts

S. Brennan, Dean, B.A. (DAL), M.A., PH.D (ILLINOIS)

College of Biological Science

J. Newman, Dean, B.A., PH.D. (ALBANY)

College of Business and Economics

J. Christensen Hughes, Dean and Professor (Department of Management), B.COMM. (GUELPH), M.B.A., PH.D (YORK)

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

M.A. Wells, Dean, B.ENG. (MCGILL), PH.D. (UBC), P.ENG.

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

G. Chapman, Dean, B.SH. EC (SASK.), M.SC., PH.D. (TOR.)

Ontario Agricultural College

R. Van Acker, Dean, B.SC., M.SC. (GUELPH), PH.D. (READING)

Ontario Veterinary College

J. Wichtel, Dean, B.V.SC., PH.D. (MASSEY, NZ), DIP.ACT

University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1