XVI. Administration and Faculty

Administrative Departments


S. McRoberts, Director of Athletics, B.S.M. (BROCK), M.A. (USF)

S. Mau, Associate Director of Athletics, B.A.SC., M.B.A. (GUELPH)

L. Hammond, Administrative Assistant, B.A. (GUELPH)

Fitness and Recreation

D. Trudelle, Manager, B.COMM, M.A. (Guelph)

M. Botter, Fitness and Recreation Program Assistant

B. Fisher, Aquatics, Active Kids and Safety Certifications Supervisor, B.A. (TO.)

K. Lindner, Active Kids Program Coordinator, B.A. (WAT.)

L. Skilton-Hayes, Fitness Program Supervisor, B.SC. (GUELPH)

S. Turkstra, Fitness Program Coordinator, B.H.SC. (W.ONT), MSc (Guelph)

A. Bailey, Client Services and Recreation Supervisor, B.COMM. (LAUR.), C.H.R.P.

J. Toth, IMartial Arts and Sports Supervisor, B.COMM., M.A. (GUELPH)

Business Office

R. Laird, Manager, B.A.C.C.SC. (CALG.), C.P.A., C.G.A.

K. Horvath, Business Clerk

S. Faulkner, IT Business Analyst


F. Cain, Manager, B.A. (GUELPH)

A. Godard, Facility Supervisor - Athletics Centre, B.SC. H.K. (GUELPH)

C. Lawrie, Facility Supervisor - Gryphon Field House and Alumni Stadium, B.SC.H. H.K. (GUELPH), M.SC. (MCG.)

J. Grau, Facility Supervisor - Gryphon Centre (Arena), B.COMM. (LAUR.)

R. Best, Facility Booking Clerk - Micro Comp. Support - Academy of Learning

Marketing and Communications

D. Easter, Manager, B.COMM. (WINDORr)

M. Pino, Media Relation and Communications Officer, B.A. (W.LAUR.)

A. Paxton, Marketing and Communications, Officer, B.A.A. (FANSHAWE)

N. Young, Events and Community Relations Coordinator, B.A. (WEST.)

J. Green, External Relations and Events Officer, B.A. (WEST.), Marketing Diploma (HUMBER)

A. Baechler, Sports Information and Communications, H.B.A. (W.LAUR.)

J. Torres, Video Coordinator, Broadcasting and Television Diploma (CONESTOGA)

C. Baker, GryphVision Producer and Video Creation Assistant, Radio and Television Sport Broadcasting (COLLEGE OF SPORT MEDIA)


A. Orton, Manager, B.SC. (TOR.)

W. Gabler, Intercollegiate Assistant Manager

M. Turley, Itercollegiate Coordinator, B.A. (GUELPH)

S. Angus, Intercollegiate Assistant, B.COMM (GUELPH)

G. Obrascovs, Head Athletic Therapist, DIP. ATHLETIC TRAINING and MGT. (SHERIDAN), CERTIFIED

J.M. Lynch, Assistant Athletic Therapist, B.P.H.E. (TOR.), DIP. (SHERIDAN), CERTIFIED

J. Ford, Strength and Conditioning Coach, B.A. (YORK(CAN)), M.A. (GUELPH)


M. Griffin, Baseball

C. O'Rourke, Basketball - Men, B.A. (GUELPH)

M. Walton, Basketball - Women, BA (Guelph)

D. Scott-Thomas, Cross Country - Men and Women, B.SC., M.SC. (GUELPH), B.ED (QU.), DIP. COACHING (VIC.B.C.)

M. Turley, Field Hockey, B.A. (Guelph)

J. Gibson, Figure Skating, B.A. (WAT.), B.ED. (TOR.)

K. MacNeill, (Head Coach) Football - Defensive Coordinator, B.A. (LAUR.)

A. Grandy, Football, Defensive Coordinator, B.A. (MCM.), B.ED. (WINDSOR)

J-F. Joncas, Football - Offensive Coordinator, B.SC. (Laval)

T. Galloway, Football - Recruiting, B.SC. (LAUR.)

T. O'Connor, Golf - Men and Women, B.A. (WEST.)

S. Camp, Hockey - Men, B.A. (MTA.)

R. Flanagan, Hockey - Women, , B.SC. (GUELPH), B.ED. (LAKEHEAD)

S. Kosakowski, Lacrosse - Men, B.A., B.SC. (GUELPH)

S. Morris, Lacrosse - Women

M. Underwood, Nordic Skiing - Men and Women, B.SC., M.SC. (GUELPH)

D. Leger, Rowing - Men and Women, M.SC., D.V.M. (GUELPH)

C. Hector, Rugby - Men, B.A. (GURLPH)

C. McAuley, Rugby - Women, M.B.A. (W.LAUR.), M.SC. (GUELPH)

K.W. Mason, Soccer - Men

S. Campbell, Soccer - Women, B.SC. (GUELPH), Teaching Certificate (D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE)

C. Payne, Swimming - Men and Women, B.A. (GUELPH)

D. Scott–Thomas, Track and Field - Men and Women

C. Wigston, Volleyball - Men

P. Funk, Volleyball - Women, B.A. (WINN.)

D. Cox, Wrestling - Men and Women

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