NEUR*4401/2 Research in Neurosciences S-F,F-W,W-S (0-6) [1.00]
In this course, students will conduct independent research of a current topic in any of the biomedical neurosciences: (such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, molecular biology, biochemistry). Students work under the supervision of individual faculty. Faculty consent must be obtained prior to being admitted into the course by the course coordinator. This is a two-semester course offered over consecutive semesters. When you register for this course you must select NEUR*4401 in the first semester and NEUR*4402 in the second semester. A grade will not be assigned in NEUR*4401 until NEUR*4402 has been completed.
Prerequisite(s): 14.00 credits
Restriction(s): BIOM*4510, BIOM*4521/2, NEUR*4450. Instructor consent required. Enrolment restricted to BSC.NEUR major and minor.
Department(s): Department of Biomedical Sciences