X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.)

The University of Guelph offers an eight semester (20.00 credits) honours program leading to a Bachelor of Commerce degree (B.Comm.). The normal course load is 2.50 credits per semester for a full-time student. The program is of an interdisciplinary nature and designed to give students a sound professional management education with a focus on specific industry sectors or management functions which prepare the graduates for positions of responsibility in particular areas of management and business.

Elective options enable students to select courses which support or complement their primary field of study.

In their first semester, students may be admitted to one of eight specialized majors or enter as “undeclared”. Students in the undeclared first year, must declare a specialized major by the end of semester two in order to gain access to required courses in semester three.

Bachelor of Commerce Majors

All majors in the Bachelor of Commerce program are also available in the Co-operative Education (Co-op) option. Co-operative Education is not available in Undeclared.

Undeclared (only available in semesters one and two)


Food and Agricultural Business

Hospitality and Tourism Management


Management Economics and Finance

Marketing Management

Public Management

Real Estate and Housing

In addition to specializing in a major area of study, the B.Comm. core ensures that each major also provides a comprehensive commerce education to all students in the program.

The B.Comm. Core includes:

Year 1
ACCT*1220 [0.50] Introductory Financial Accounting
ECON*1050 [0.50] Introductory Microeconomics
ECON*1100 [0.50] Introductory Macroeconomics
MATH*1030 [0.50] Business Mathematics
MCS*1000 [0.50] Introductory Marketing
MGMT*1000 [1.00] Introduction to Business
Year 2
ACCT*2230 [0.50] Management Accounting
ECON*2560 [0.50] Introduction to Finance
HROB*2090 [0.50] Individuals and Groups in Organizations
MCS*2020 [0.50] Information Management
MGMT*1100 [0.00] Business Career Preparation
Year 3
MGMT*3020 [0.50] Corporate Social Responsibility
MGMT*3320 [0.50] Financial Management
Year 4
MGMT*4000 [0.50] Strategic Management

* MGMT*1100 is part of the Career Development Program which is designed to provide students with knowledge and tools to enhance their career readiness skills.

Students who have successfully completed COOP*1100 will be exempted from MGMT*1100.

The following core areas are covered through a choice of courses as determined by your major:

Liberal Education Requirement

Other requirements are accommodated by specialized courses within the major or through specific courses chosen by the major from those available on campus.

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