X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Ecology (ECOL)

Department of Integrative Biology, College of Biological Science

This minor provides a foundation in the principles and methods of ecology. It introduces the knowledge and skills necessary for work in conservation, environmental science, education, resource management, ecological consulting, or nature interpretation.

Minor (Honours Program)

A minimum of 5.00 credits is required to complete the minor, which must include:

BIOL*2060 [0.50] Ecology
BIOL*3010 [0.50] Laboratory and Field Work in Ecology
BIOL*3060 [0.50] Populations, Communities & Ecosystems
BIOL*4110 [1.00] Ecological Methods
BIOL*4120 [0.50] Evolutionary Ecology
Of the remaining 2.00 required credits, students will select from the following:
At least one of:
BIOL*2400 [0.50] Evolution
BIOL*3020 [0.50] Population Genetics
At least one of:
BOT*2100 [0.50] Life Strategies of Plants
ZOO*2090 [0.50] Vertebrate Structure and Function
One of:
GEOG*1220 [0.50] Human Impact on the Environment
GEOG*1300 [0.50] Introduction to the Biophysical Environment
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