XVI. Administration and Faculty

Administrative Departments

Open Learning and Educational Support

M. Fach, Director, M.B.A. (ATHAB.), M.ED. (BROCK)

R.B. Gorrie, Associate Director, Educational Technology, Development and Integration, M.A. (SASK.), PH.D. (GUELPH)

N. Green, Associate Director, Distance Education, B.A.(GUELPH), M.ET. (UBC)

D. Lackeyram, Associate Director, Educational Development, B.SC., M.SC., PH.D. (GUELPH)

S. Devost, Manager, Business Operations, B.COMM. (MCM.), C.P.A., C.M.A.

J. Martin, Academic Assistant to the Director, B.A. (GUELPH)

Classroom Technical Support

S. Borho, Manager, Classroom Technology Design, DIPL. (FANSHAWE), (CTS-D)

C. Hewitt, Manager, Classroom Technical Infrastructure, DIPL. (ALGONQUIN), (CTS), (ITIL), (CAN)

Continuing Education

B. Fretz, Manager, Program Development, B.A. (INDIANA), M.ED., PH.D. (UT)

M. Gaouette, Manager, Program Development, B.A. (McM.), B.ED. (ATTA.), M.A. (GUELPH)

P. Shaver, Manager, Program Development, B.SC.(AGR.) (GUELPH)

Distance Education

S. Douglas, Distance Learning Program Development Specialist

S. Hughes, Distance Learning Program Development Specialist, B.A. (LAURIER), M.A., M.ED. (OPEN UNIVERSITY)

B. Jennings, Distance Learning Program Development Specialist, B.A.(H) (W. ONT.), B.ED. (OTT.), M.ED. (TOR.)

V. Kennedy, Online Learning Quality Assurance Specialist, B.A.(H) (LAURIER), M.A. (YORK), PH.D. (LAURIER)

M. Pickard, Online Learning Quality Assurance Specialist, B.A., M.A. (GUELPH)

M. Smart, Open Learning program Counsellor, B.A. (GUELPH)

D. York, Distance Learning Program Development Specialist, M.SC. (WEST ALABAMA), PH.D. (YORK)

Educational Development

C. Coulter, Instructional Technology Spcialist, B.A. (GUELPH)

A. Fazekas, Educational Analyst, B.SC. (GUELPH), PH.D. (ALTA.)

S. Fulmer, Educational Developer, B.A., B.ED., M.A. (BROCK), PH.D. (NOTRE DAME)

T. Mayberry, Educational Developer, B.A.(H) (WAT.), M.A. (McM.), PH.D. (WAT.)

J. Spencer, Educational Analyst, B.ENG., M.SC.ENG. (GUELPH)

J.Z. Wolstenholme, Curriculum Developer, AOCA (TOR.), B.A., M.A. (GUELPH), C.D.P.

O. Wooding, Instructional Technology Specialist, B.A. (YORK (CAN)).

English Language Programs

W. Hodges, ESL Academic Co-ordinator/Head Teacher, B.SC. (TOR.), M.ED. (BROCK)

J. Inglis, ESL Business Development and Program Manager, B.A. (DAL.), M.A. (MCG.)

Information Systems and Development

D. Wilson, Manager, Information Systems and Development, B.COMM. (GUELPH), M.B.A. (McM.)

Marketing, Communications and Enrolment

M. Clark, Manager, Marketing, Communications and Enrolment, B.COMM. (OTT.)

Teaching and Learning Technologies

G. Sabatine, Manager, Online Technologies, B.COMP. (GUELPH)

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