III. Schedule of Dates

The dates for the 2020-2021 academic year are listed by semester.

Reading Weeks and Study Break Days

Reading Weeks and Study Break Days are designated periods where normal class schedules and academic requirements are suspended for a specified period of time. These breaks are designed to support student wellness and good mental health. The University of Guelph is committed to a learning environment that fosters the whole student and, as such, values these Senate-approved breaks as a period free of academic events and evaluations for the student.

The Fall Study Break begins at the end of classes on the Friday before Thanksgiving Monday and ends with the resumption of classes following the break.

The Winter Study Break (“Reading Week”) begins at the end of classes on the Friday prior to the third Monday in February and ends with the resumption of classes on the Monday following the break.

Specific dates are published in the Schedule of Dates for each semester and differ by campus.

There are to be no compulsory academic events (e.g., classes, lectures, labs, tutorials, seminars, exams) during scheduled breaks. This includes online and in-class courses.

Instructors are not permitted to schedule academic evaluations or have an evaluative component deadline due during a scheduled reading week or study break day. This includes examinations, tests, quizzes, presentations, essays, assignments, lab reports, qualifying examinations, or any other form of academic evaluation.

Some exceptions may exist such as clinical rotations and placements, field work or experiential learning integral to the course, and graduate oral examinations (qualifying exam, thesis defense) upon approval of the relevant Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, the relevant Program Head for the University of Guelph-Humber campus and the Assistant Vice-President, Graduate Studies.

Scheduled breaks apply to all undergraduate, graduate and associate diploma students. They also apply to all degree-credit and associate diploma-credit courses.

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