X. Degree Programs

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.)

Schedule of Studies

Phase 1

VETM*3070 [2.00] Veterinary Anatomy
VETM*3080 [2.00] Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry
VETM*3120 [0.75] Veterinary Histology and General Pathology
VETM*3210 [0.50] Art of Veterinary Medicine I
VETM*3390 [0.50] Developmental Biology
VETM*3400 [0.75] Health Management I
VETM*3430 [0.25] Clinical Medicine I

Phase 2

VETM*3220 [0.50] Art of Veterinary Medicine II
VETM*3410 [0.75] Health Management II
VETM*3440 [0.50] Clinical Medicine II
VETM*3450 [2.75] Principles of Disease in Veterinary Medicine
VETM*3460 [0.75] Theriogenology
VETM*3470 [0.75] Anaesthesiology and Pharmacology
VETM*3510 [0.25] Principles of Surgery

Phase 3

VETM*4220 [0.50] Art of Veterinary Medicine III
VETM*4420 [0.25] Clinical Pharmacology
VETM*4450 [0.50] Equine Medicine and Surgery
VETM*4460 [1.00] Food Animal Medicine and Surgery
VETM*4470 [1.00] Medicine and Surgery of Dog and Cat
VETM*4480 [0.75] Comparative Medicine
VETM*4490 [1.00] Systems Pathology
VETM*4530 [0.50] Health Management III
VETM*4540 [1.75] Surgical Exercises
VETM*4870 [0.25] Clinical Medicine III

Phase 4

Students entering into the Phase 4 of the DVM Program will select an area of emphasis from either: Small Animal Stream, Rural Community Practice Stream, Equine Stream or the Food Animal Stream.

Small Animal Stream:
VETM*4610 [7.50] Small Animal Stream
VETM*4900 [2.50] Veterinary Externship
Rural Community Practice Stream:
VETM*4660 [7.50] Rural Community Practice Stream
VETM*4900 [2.50] Veterinary Externship
Equine Stream:
VETM*4920 [7.50] Equine Stream
VETM*4900 [2.50] Veterinary Externship
Food Animal Stream:
VETM*4710 [7.50] Food Animal Stream
VETM*4900 [2.50] Veterinary Externship
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