XII. Course Descriptions

Women's Studies

College of Arts

WMST*1000 Introduction to Women's Studies S,F (3-0) [0.50]
An introduction to the methods and analyses of Women's Studies. An interdisciplinary feminist and multicultural examination of research about women and the gendered nature of societies and cultures. Areas of inquiry may include psychology, law, science, culture, work, family, violence, health, and sexuality.
Offering(s): Also offered through Distance Education format.
Department(s): Dean's Office, College of Arts
WMST*2000 Women and Representation W (3-0) [0.50]
An interdisciplinary analysis of the role gender plays in representation, drawing on areas such as television, film, music, literature, visual arts, ethnography, medicine and law. International and cross-cultural perspectives included.
Department(s): Dean's Office, College of Arts
University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1