X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Biotechnology (BIOT)

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, College of Biological Science

Minor (Honours Program)

A minimum of 5.00 credits is required including:

BIOC*3560 [0.50] Structure and Function in Biochemistry
MBG*2040 [0.50] Foundations in Molecular Biology and Genetics
MICR*2420 [0.50] Introduction to Microbiology
MICR*2430 [0.50] Methods in Microbial Culture and Physiology
0.50 credits from:
ENGG*2660 [0.50] Biological Engineering Systems I
ENGG*3830 [0.50] Bio-Process Engineering
FOOD*2410 [0.50] Introduction to Food Processing
FOOD*2420 [0.50] Introduction to Food Microbiology
FOOD*2620 [0.50] Food Engineering Principles
1.00 credits from:
ECON*1050 [0.50] Introductory Microeconomics
ECON*1100 [0.50] Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON*2100 [0.50] Economic Growth and Environmental Quality
ECON*2310 [0.50] Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON*2410 [0.50] Intermediate Macroeconomics
MCS*1000 [0.50] Introductory Marketing
A minimum of 1.50 credits from:
ANSC*4050 [0.50] Biotechnology in Animal Science
BIOC*4050 [0.50] Protein and Nucleic Acid Structure
BIOC*4540 [0.75] Enzymology
BIOL*3300 [0.50] Applied Bioinformatics
FOOD*3270 [0.50] Industrial Microbiology
MBG*3660 [0.50] Genomics
MBG*4240 [0.50] Applied Molecular Genetics in Medicine and Biotechnology
MICR*3230 [0.50] Immunology
PBIO*3750 [0.50] Plant Tissue Culture
PBIO*4750 [0.50] Genetic Engineering of Plants
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