ENGG*2410 Digital Systems Design Using Descriptive Languages F (3-3) [0.50]
Review of Boolean algebra and truth tables, Karnaugh maps. Design, synthesis and realization of combinational circuits. Design, synthesis and realization of sequential circuits. VHDL: structural modeling, data flow modeling, synchronous & asynchronous behavior descriptions, algorithmic modeling. Designing with PLDs. Digital design with SM charts. Designing with PGAs and complex programmable logical devices. Hardware testing and design for testability. Hierarchy in large designs. The course will primarily be concerned with the design of multi-input, multi-output digital controllers which provide the central control signals that orchestrate the collection of hardware devices (from SSI to VLSI) found in a digital system. An introduction to FPGA-based, as well as microprocessor-based digital systems design will be given. Design examples will include systems such as UART, microcontroller CPU, ALU and data acquisition system.
Prerequisite(s): (CIS*1650 or CIS*1500), PHYS*1130
Department(s): School of Engineering