ENGG*3410 Systems and Control Theory W (3-2) [0.50]
This course introduces the theory and techniques required to analyze and design of closed loop, automatic controllers for engineering systems, with applications in electrical, mechanical, and biomedical systems. Topics include modeling in time and frequency domains (including linear time invariance, causality, and linearization); sketching and interpreting Bode plots; stability of closed loop systems (including analysis via Routh Hurwitz and Nyquist); performance metrics including gain and phase margin, sensitivity, and error tracking; and control using ON/OFF, PID, root locus, and frequency domain (lead/lag) techniques. Computer tools to aid in control design and analysis are a crucial component of the course. Optional advanced topics include but are not limited to state-space control, performance limitations, and control of non-linear systems.
Prerequisite(s): ENGG*2400, MATH*2270
Restriction(s): This is a Priority Access Course. Enrolment may be restricted to the BME, CENG, ESC and MECH specializations in the BENG and BENG:C programs. See department for more information.
Department(s): School of Engineering