IPS*1500 Integrated Mathematics and Physics I F (6-4) [1.00]
This is a foundational course for students in B.Sc. mathematical and physical sciences majors. The disciplines of Mathematics and Physics are taught in an integrated fashion that demonstrates how they support and enrich one another. Atomic structure, algebra and trigonometry, forces and Newton's laws, functions and graphing, differentiation, angular momentum and energy conservation, limits, integration, kinematics, and special relativity are presented in a harmonized fashion to ensure students have an improved understanding of these fundamentals.
Prerequisite(s): 1 of 4U Physics, PHYS*1020, PHYS*1300
Restriction(s): MATH*1080, MATH*1200, PHYS*1000, PHYS*1080
Department(s): Department of Physics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics