MBG*3350 Laboratory Methods in Molecular Biology S,F,W (1.5-8) [0.75]
This course involves laboratory based instruction in the basic methodologies of Molecular Biology. Students will have the opportunity to develop technical skills and practical knowledge sufficient to perform basic procedures independently, and to diagnose and analyze experimental results obtained with these techniques.
Prerequisite(s): BIOC*2580, MCB*2050
Restriction(s): Registration in BSC.BIOC (major or minor), BIOC:C , BTOX, BTOX:C, BPCH, BPCH:C, MICR(major or minor), MICR:C , MBG (major or minor), PBTC, PLSC (major or minor), TOX, TOX:C
Department(s): Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology