PSYC*1010 Making Sense of Data in Psychological Research F,W (3-0) [0.50]
This course introduces research designs and quantitative approaches used in psychological science, with an emphasis on conceptual understanding. Specific topics include distributions, meta-analysis, confidence intervals and p-values, effect size, and regression, as well as the differences between descriptive, correlational, and experimental research designs.
Offering(s): Also offered through Distance Education format.
Prerequisite(s): 1 of PSYC*1000, PSYC*1100, PSYC*1200
Restriction(s): PSYC*2010, STAT*2040, STAT*2060, STAT*2080, STAT*2090, STAT*2100, STAT*2120 This is a Priority Access Course. Some restrictions may apply during some time periods.
Department(s): Department of Psychology