PSYC*4540 Practical Applications of Psychology F,W (3-0) [1.00]
This is a required capstone course for students in Psychology’s BA and BSC Honours major programs, excepting those who are taking the Honours Thesis courses (PSYC*4780, 4880). The course adopts a problem-based learning approach in which students will be presented with problems resembling those that they will face in their professional and personal lives. Students will apply their psychological knowledge and skills to analyze the problem, consider solutions, and communicate recommendations to hypothetical stakeholders.
Prerequisite(s): 14.00 credits including [PSYC*3250, (PSYC*3000 or 7.50 credits in Psychology ), (PSYC*2040 or PSYC*3290)]
Restriction(s): PSYC*4870, PSYC*4880. Restricted to students in BAH.PSYC, BAH.PSYC:C, BAH.ISHB, BSCH.PBC or a major or minor in Neurosciences with a minimum grade point average of 70% in all Psychology course attempts.
Department(s): Department of Psychology