Winter 2021 Temporary Course Restrictions

Last updated November 30, 2020.

The first-year restriction on the first-year courses listed below has now been lifted.


The following first-year courses have been temporarily restricted to students who will have less than or equal to 5.00 credits completed, in progress, and pre-selected for Winter 2021. Exception: the limit is 5.25 for BENG.BIOE, BENG.BME, BENG.ENVE, BENG.MECH, BENG.WRE, and BENG.UND and 5.75 for BENG.CENG and BENG.ESC.

Based on enrolment, departments will determine if these restrictions can be lifted. If a course restriction can be lifted, this will occur at NOON on Monday, November 30. All students will have the opportunity to enrol in these courses on WebAdvisor at that time (space permitting and provided the student meets any prerequisite[s] or restriction[s] on the course).

Please note that this is not a complete list of course restrictions. There are courses at all levels, including other 1000-level courses, that have restrictions (e.g., restricted to students in a certain degree/diploma program). Details about restrictions on a specific course can be found in the course description, which is available in the Academic Calendar and through WebAdvisor by clicking on the "Section Name and Title" of the course in your search results. For more information about a course restriction, please contact the Program Counselling office or the department offering the course.

  • ANTH*1150
  • CLAS*1000
  • FREN*1200
  • FREN*1300
  • FRHD*1100
  • GEOG*1300
  • GEOG*1350
  • HIST*1010
  • HIST*1050
  • HIST*1150
  • IDEV*1000
  • POLS*1500
  • SOC*1100
  • THST*1040
  • THST*1190
  • THST*1270
  • WMST*1000