Summer 2023 Temporary and Priority Access Course Restrictions

Last updated March 22, 2023

Please check back regularly for updates.

A restriction is a means of identifying which student cohorts are permitted to register in a course. Enrolment may be restricted to particular programs or specializations or semester levels during certain time periods. The restriction is on all Summer 2023 sections of that course and includes the Co-op major, unless otherwise noted. Students outside the designated group(s) will not be permitted to register in the course, either temporarily or for the entire enrolment period. Course restrictions are listed in the course description in WebAdvisor's Course Catalog and in the Academic Calendar.

Please note that this page does not provide a complete list of course restrictions. For more information about a course restriction, please contact the Program Counselling office or the department offering the course. Individual department websites may provide additional information.

Priority Access Restrictions

Some high-demand courses are designated "Priority Access" for enrolment management purposes. The department offering the course determines if access will be restricted to a certain population of students on a priority basis. A list of Priority Access courses is below with details about the restrictions (i.e., which group[s] have priority). The restriction is on all Summer 2023 sections of that course and includes the Co-op major unless otherwise noted.

Course Priority Access details Date restriction lifted
CHEM*2700 Restricted to BIOC:C, BPCH:C and CHEM:C majors March 22, 2023
CHEM*3430 Restricted to BPCH:C and CHEM:C majors March 16, 2023