Instructions for the Submission of a Digital Photo

The digital photo will be used to create your Student Photo ID Card.

The Student Photo ID Card is used to identify you as a student at the Universtiy of Guelph OR University of Guelph-Humber and indicates that you are entitled to the rights, privileges and responsibilities of a student.

The photo must be easily viewed, in focus and recognizable as you or it will be rejected.

  • The photo must be a colour, colour photo must show a clear, front view of the applicant’s full face.
  • The photo must be a portrait, in focus, of only the applicant.
  • Hats, headbands or sunglasses may not be worn in the photo.
  • The applicant’s eyes must be open and looking directly ahead.
  • Head coverings worn for religious or medical reasons can be worn but must not cover any part of the applicant’s face. The head covering must not obscure or obstruct a full front view of the applicant’s face, nor can it cast a shadow on the face. Persons with a niqab or burka who require their University ID Card be issued at the University of Guelph campus will have a female staff member photograph and verify the individual’s identity in a private setting.
  • The image file size must be under 2 megabytes and a JPG/JPEG file-type.

There are three steps to submitting your ID Photo online:

  1. Verify that you are eligible to submit your photo online.
  2. Create an acceptable digital photo.
  3. Submit your photo.