Diploma Student Tuition Fees Winter 2020 Cohort 2019 Ridgetown Campus (Diploma)

Canadian Full-time Student Tuition and Fees (by semester)

Diploma Student Tuition and Fees (Full-Time) Fees excluding charges for Meal Plans, Residence
Programs Tuition Academic Activity Fees Compulsory Fees Subtotal Optional Fees Total ($CAN)
Agriculture 1599.30 334.20 201.05 2134.55 31.80 $2166.35
Equine Care and Management 1599.30 334.20 123.22 2056.72 31.80 $2088.52
Environmental Management 1599.30 506.67 201.05 2307.02 31.80 $2338.82
Horticulture 1599.30 403.37 201.05 2203.72 31.80 $2235.52
Veterinary Technology - Regular 1653.03 996.80 231.05 2880.88 31.80 $2912.68
Compulsory Fees (see the descriptions of these Compulsory Fees)
Type of Fee Amount ($CAN)
Building Fee 41.53
Athletic 77.83
Student Communication Services Fee 51.69
Student Council (Activity) 30.00
Total: 201.05

Students in the Veterinary Technology (Regular) program pay an additional $30 for accreditation.
First-year students in the Equine Care and Management program are not required to pay the Athletic fee in the Fall semester.

Optional Fees (see the descriptions of these Optional Fees)
Type of Fee Amount (CAD)
Alumni Association 12.50
Student Council (Event) 19.30
Total: 31.80

"The University reserves the right to make changes in the published schedule of fees and payment dates and also to assess charges, which are not included in the schedule of fees, for course material and/or transportation provided at University expense." (Please see the Diploma Program Calendar - Schedule of Fees)