Graduate Student Tuition Fees Fall 2015 Cohort 2012 Guelph Campus

International Full-time Student Tuition and Fees (by semester)

International Graduate Student Tuition and Fees (Full-Time) Fees excluding charges for Cooperative Program, Meal Plan, Residence and Parking
Program Full-time Tuition Compulsory Fees U.H.I.P. Total ($CAN)
Program Specific Fees Other University Fees Student Organization Fees
Landscape Architecture 5610.41 50.00 Student Society 252.27 400.61 612.00 $6,925.29
Applied Nutrition 5610.41 1500.00 Internship fees 252.27 400.61 612.00 $8,375.29
Other Master's Programs 5610.41 0.00 N/A 252.27 400.61 612.00 $6,875.29
Other PHD Programs 5610.41
0.00 N/A 252.27 400.61 612.00 $6,875.29

Other University Fees
Type of Fee Amount ($CAN)
Athletic Building Fee 45.37
Athletic Fee 109.79
Student Health Service Fee 27.53
University Centre Fee 14.36
Student Services Fee 55.22
Total: $252.27
Student Organization Fees
Type of Fee Amount (CAD)
Dental Plan2, 3 106.00
GSA: Bursary Fund 2.91
Canadian Federation of Students 2.99
Canadian Federation of Students - Ontario 2.51
Energy Retrofit 7.62
Food Bank 2.22
G-OPIRG1 6.62
Radio Gryphon1 2.50
Student Bus Pass 100.18
Student Bus Pass - late night service 8.32
Student Health Plan3 123.00
University of Guelph Graduate Student Association 32.52
Volunteer Connections 1.22
Total: $400.61

1: Refundable in first 3 weeks if requested from each organization.
2: The Dental Plan has a limited opt out period see CSA or
3: Students who wish to obtain family coverage under these plans must apply at the Student Benefit Office (UC level 1) within 30 days of the beginning of the semester. An additional premium is charged.

N.B.: Full-time students who are conducting their research at a distance greater than 200 km. from Guelph for the entire semester will be responsible only for the tuition, the GSA fees, the Medical Insurance and the Dental Plan. Exemption from the other student fees must be requested using the Application for Full-time/Distant Fee Status@ form, available in Graduate Program Services. Such requests will be considered on an individual basis.

"The University reserves the right to make changes in the published schedule of fees and payment dates and also to assess charges, which are not included in the schedule of fees, for course material and/or transportation provided at University expense." (Please see the Graduate Calendar)