Graduate Student Tuition Fees Fall 2017 Cohort 2013 Guelph-Humber Campus

International Part-time Student Tuition and Fees (by semester)

International Graduate Student Tuition and Fees (Part-Time) Fees are charged by credits, excluding charges for Meal Plan, Residence and Parking
Program Credit Tuition Compulsory Fees Total ($CAN)
Student Organization Fees Other University Fees U.H.I.P. Fees
MFA 0.00 3923.60 43.41 0.00 420.00 $4387.01
0.25 3923.60 43.41 33.26 420.00 $4420.27
0.50 3923.60 43.41 66.52 420.00 $4453.53
0.75 3923.60 43.41 99.78 420.00 $4486.79
1.00 3923.60 43.41 133.04 420.00 $4520.05

N.B.: Maximum course credit load is 1.0.
Distance Education course needs $75 resource fee per course .
- UHIP: The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory insurance to pay the cost of the hospital and medical services that international students may need during their stay in Canada while registered at the University.
- For information about changing status from international to domestic, see "Changes in Status"

Other University Fees
Type of Fee Amount ($CAN)
Athletics Fee 17.83
Facilities/Maintenance 8.20
Health 2.52
I.D. Card 0.73
Library 1.13
Technology 20.81
HSF Student Activity 15.30
Total: $66.52
Student Organization Fees
Type of Fee Amount (CAD)
Graduate Student Association 33.50
Canadian Federation of Students 3.08
Canadian Federation of Students-ON 2.59
Graduate Bursary fund 2.99
Ontario Grad Student Alliance 1.25
Total: $43.41

"The University reserves the right to make changes in the published schedule of fees and payment dates and also to assess charges, which are not included in the schedule of fees, for course material and/or transportation provided at University expense." (Please see the Graduate Calendar)