Archived - Refunds - Winter 2016 and prior

Archived Refund Schedule

The data on these pages has not changed since January 1, 2012. It is provided for archive purposes only and might not be fully accessible

Dropping of courses or withdrawal from a semester may create a credit on your account per following examples.

  1. Official withdrawal from all classes per approved refund schedule
  2. Classification changes from full time (2.00 credits and greater) to part time (less than 2.00 credits) per approved refund schedule
  3. Part time course load reduction per approved refund schedule, e.g. 1.50 credits to 1.00 credit or 1.50 credits to .5 credit

If a credit is produced, a refund cheque will be issued within 4 - 6 weeks. OSAP students please refer to OSAP eligibility.

Undergraduate Refunds

Graduate Refunds

Please see the Graduate Calendar for refund policy.

Please see the Undergraduate Calendar for refund policy related to:

  • Cooperative Education
  • Dental Insurance premium
  • Equipment fund for DVM students
  • Equipment fund for Engineering students
  • Medical Insurance premium
  • Student Society fee for Landscape Architecture students