Ontario Student Grant

Starting in 2017-18, the 30% Off Ontario Tuition Grant (OTG) will be consolidated with other previous grants to form the Ontario Student Grant (OSG).

There will no longer be a separate application – all students will apply for OSAP to be considered for the grant.

The OSG has four components, and replaces all previous provincial grants:

  • Base component (replaces the OTG)
  • Need component – based on a student's assessed need
  • Top-up for students with a low family income
  • Distance component for students who commute or travel

How do I apply?

You'll be considered for the Ontario Student Grant automatically as part of the OSAP application. The grant will be released as part of your OSAP funding.

Deadline Date

Please refer to our dates and deadlines page.

For additional information on the Ontario Student Grant, please visit the OSAP website.