Application Deadline

Where do I pick up /drop off my financial need application?

Financial Need Assessment forms (NAF) and Work-Study job postings are available and posted two weeks before the start of the each semester. Deadline dates to submit the Financial Need Assessment (N.A.F) form are as follows:

  • Summer term will be the third Friday of every June
  • Fall/Winter term will be the third Monday of every January
  • Winter term will be the third Monday of every January

N.A.F.s submitted after these dates will not be processed, however, approved students may still apply to 'open' positions listed.

Completed applications can be dropped in the red drop box on the 3rd Floor, University Centre. We will also accept email scans to or faxes to 519-823-9421.

What happens after I submit my NAF?

Within 5 - 10 working days you will be notified by email of your eligibility to participate in the work study program (due to the volume of applications expect delays for the first two weeks of the fall semester). Once you receive the approved email from the Student Awards office, you can review the list of 'open' positions and apply directly to the contact listed in the posting. Work-Study positions are not guaranteed and are competitive.  Ensure that you apply with a proper cover letter, resume and include the email approval you received from Student Awards. 

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