Video Transcript – WebAdvisor Tutorial: Graduate Settlement (University of Guelph)

Student Financial Services at the University of Guelph is here to help guide you through the process of completing the Graduate Settlement. What is Graduate Settlement? Graduate Settlement is a form on WebAdvisor that graduate students must complete every semester to indicate if they will be paying their tuition and fees using one of three options:

  1. Payroll deduction, which refers to guaranteed funding from the Graduate Department, such as through a Graduate Research Assistantship or Graduate Teaching Assistantship;
  2. awards; or
  3. a combination of payroll deduction and awards.

Students paying their account personally in full do not need to complete the Graduate Settlement process.

Before submitting the Graduate Settlement, graduate students must complete their registration for their semester. Following registration, graduate students can access the Graduate Settlement form on WebAdvisor.

To get started, go to WebAdvisor and click on the “Access WebAdvisor” button. Log in with your University of Guelph email address and password. Expand the menu on the left-hand side and select Financial Information. Then, click on “Graduate Settlement.” Select the term and click the “Submit” button. The next page shows the two options for the Graduate Settlement: payroll deduction and awards.

You must have approval from your department before selecting payroll. If you are not sure if your funding is coming through payroll, contact your department before submitting the Graduate Settlement.

If you are receiving funding through payroll, such as through a Graduate Research Assistantship or Graduate Teaching Assistantship, select the first option of “Payroll Deduction payment” and click the “Submit” button. The next page will state that your department will be informed of your payroll deduction request. The department must confirm that the settlement option you have selected is appropriate before it is approved for payment of your account. Click “OK” and you will be returned to the main menu.

If you are paying using awards, either in combination with payroll deduction or as a stand-alone option, click on “Graduate Settlement” in the menu on the left-hand side, under “Financial Information.” Choose your term. On the next page, select “Awards payment” and then click “Submit”. After clicking “Submit”, you will need to provide the name or names of the awards and the value of each award for the term. If you are receiving an award that is covering a full academic year, divide the total amount of the award by 3. You can place each award under one of the two sections shown: “Internal Awards” or “External Awards”. An internal award is one that is administered by the University of Guelph, and includes awards from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. An external award is one that you received from an agency that is not affiliated with the University of Guelph, such as the Fulbright Canada Student award. Click “Submit” after filling in the award name and amount.

Are you also receiving OSAP? If you have selected payroll deduction, your OSAP funding will be applied to your student account, and your payroll deductions will be adjusted accordingly. If you have selected awards on your settlement, and your awards have cleared your term balance at the time of OSAP confirmation of enrolment, your OSAP funding will be redirected to your personal bank account.

How do you know if your Graduate Settlement has been approved? Once approved, you will receive a notification through WebAdvisor. If you have a notification, you will see a yellow box with a number at the top right corner of your screen. If you click on the box, and it says that “Your graduate settlement has been completed”, then it has been approved!

If you are paying your fees directly, payment methods include online or telephone banking, PayMyTuition, Convera, certified cheque and bank draft.

Please note that students who, for the first time, are having their fees paid by a third party must have their sponsor send a letter to Student Financial Services.

More information can be found through WebAdvisor by going to the “Account View” page and clicking on the “Guelph Make a Payment” link under “Helpful Links” on the right-hand side.

We hope that you are now familiar with how to complete the Graduate Settlement on WebAdvisor! If you have any questions about your financial account or if you need to make changes to your account, please contact Student Financial Services by phone at 519-824-4120 x58715 or by email at If you have questions regarding payroll, please contact your departmental administrative assistant. Visit the Student Financial Services website for important deadlines.