WebAdvisor Help - Application for Graduation

Application for Graduation

  1. Review Information in the form: This screen will display a pre-populated (the information has already been entered based on our current records) application for graduation form. Review the information that has been entered in the form and make any changes that are necessary to reflect your current personal information.

    Please note that name changes do not take effect immediately. Documentation may be required.

  2. FINAL CONFIRMATION: Once you have checked to make sure all the information is accurate and up to date click on the "FINAL CONFIRMATION: I wish to Add this Application to Graduate" check box at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Submit: Click the Submit button to submit your application for graduation.

    There is a thirty-dollar application for graduation fee that will be charged to your student account.

    You will know that your application has been submitted succesfully if you receive the following message:

    "Your Application to Graduate has been Added. Select a Menu Option"

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