Industry Opportunity: Algae Biotechnology & Cultivation

The Research Innovation Office was recently approached by a company that is interested in engaging the University of Guelph on collaborative projects related to cultivation of various algae.

The company is an independent industry leader in Algae Biotechnology, Commercializing Algae technology in environmental science, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, food and feed, that partners with customers to test its open and closed Algae cultivation technologies for commercial algae strains under Canadian climate conditions. The company is committed to contribute significantly in the field of Algae biotechnology and its worldwide applications through its technological and commercial activities.

The current technology focus for the company is based on cultivation of Haematococcus for natural astaxanthin production. The company is focused on standardizing their existing technology under local environmental conditions which can be commercialized to pilot and plant scale in Canada. They are interested in exploring potential collaborations with the University of Guelph in the following areas:

  • Study of feasibility of Haematococcus cultivation technology in laboratory to environmental conditions. 
  • Standardization of their cultivation technology for commercial application in Canada 

If you would like to connect with the company, please contact Kaleigh Rajna, Industry Liaison Coordinator at

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