Proof of Concept Research and Clinical Trials-Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) - 2021


Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC)


Proof of Concept Proposals 


With increased investment in research through the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-off, the BCRC has committed to provide research funding in two key areas that have previously had limited funding:

  1. Proof of Concept - proposals to help inform whether a concept is worth pursuing as a larger, more defined funding request.
  2. Clinical Trials - proposals to validate practices or technologies that have been discovered through research projects and/or to facilitate the adaptation of technologies utilized in other sectors, commodities, or countries.

The purpose of this call is to fund proof of concept research and clinical trials that will lead to the achievement of objectives in the Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy and the National Beef Strategy. Leveraging producer check-off funds allocated to approved projects with other industry or government cash contributions is encouraged but not required for this call.  

In developing a project proposal, applicants should consider: 

  • Is the project valuable to the Canadian beef industry? 
  • Does the project have scientific merit?
  • What is the potential for the concept or technology should the project prove to be successful?
  • Does it align with the priorities and outcomes as outlined in the Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy?


Any individual or organization (academic institution, private industry, governemnt or not-for-profit/non-government organization) from Canada or elsewhere with the ability and/or a track record of success in carrying out research projects in areas relevant to the Canadian beef industry is eligible to apply.  

Maximum Project Value

The total funding request must not exceed $50,000 CAD regardless of project duration.  

Indirect Costs

Projects conducted at Universities or at other non-AAFC facilities are eligible for overhead costs which will be calculated by BCRC to a maximum of 15% of total project costs. 

Project Duration

Projects that are six months to one year in duration may be submitted. If the need for a longer timeframe can be clearly demonstrated, projects over one year may be considered.

Special Notes

Details must be provided around proposed equipment purchases, as all equipment purchases greater than $10,000 must be preapproved. 

Match funding is encouraged but not required for proposals submitted under this call. This funding is intended for small scale projects. The intent of this funding is NOT to support existing funding for ongoing projects. If applicable, proposals should identify all sources and amounts of additional funding for the proposed research project, including both in-kind and cash contributions.  

In-kind contribution means the fair value* attributed to eligible costs of goods and/or services required to complete the project that are provided by the recipient, or other project supporters (governments and/or industry supporters, partners or association members). Full-time salaries of research leads and collaborators BCRC Proposal Instructions and Guidelines – 2021 Page 2 of 3 are not eligible as in-kind contributions.

*Fair value of in-kind contributions should reflect current, relevant and market-based information or another methodology acceptable to BCRC.


Please note that research activities carried out in the context of COVID-19 need to adhere to the University of Guelph COVID-19 research principles, policies, guidelines and processes as they may be updated from time to time and communicated on the Office of Research web-page.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Applications and a signed OR-5 form to be submitted to the Office of Research Services at

External Deadline

Full application to be submitted electronically to

How to Apply

The following documents are to be completed and emailed to

Full instructions for preparing and submitting a proposal can be found in the proof of concept guidelines.

For Questions, please contact

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Devon Staaf, Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist
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