Funding Opportunities

Title Internal Deadline External Deadline Posted
SPARK 2016 Program: Microbiome Competition

The intent of the SPARK 2016 competition is to catalyze new research directions and support innovative genomics-based projects that have the potential to advance microbiome research, and improve our knowledge and understanding of this important field.  To maximize the potential benefits for Ontario and increase the competitiveness of Ontario research and its life sciences sector, the SPARK 2016: Microbiome competition will be open to research projects involving human, plant, livestock and the environment including soil and water.

4 years 7 months ago
Natural Resources Canada: Energy Innovation Program- Call for Proposals

The Energy Innovation Program (EIP) supports innovation in the clean energy sector by providing funding for research, development (R&D) and demonstration (collectively, RD&D) projects.  The Program’s objective is to support energy technology innovation to produce and use energy more cleanly and efficiently. Please see the sponsor’s website for a full list of strategic priority areas for which proposals are being requested.

4 years 7 months ago
NSERC Research Tools & Instruments 2017

Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) grants foster and enhance the discovery, innovation and training capability of university researchers in the natural sciences and engineering by supporting the purchase of research equipment. The RTI Grants Program provides the primary avenue to obtain up to $150,000 in support for research tools and instruments with a total net cost between $7,001 and $250,000 (excluding taxes, shipping and handling).


4 years 11 months ago
NSERC RTI Operations and Maintenance Support for Research Facilities

NSERC is introducing a new pilot funding opportunity to its Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) Initiative. The Operations and Maintenance Support to Research Facilities funding opportunity aims to facilitate access for Canadian university researchers in the natural sciences and engineering to regional and national research facilities in Canada by contributing to their operations and maintenance costs. This new opportunity has been launched in time for the 2017 Research Tools and Instruments competition.

4 years 7 months ago
CIHR – Project Grant: Fall 2016 *updated info under special notes

The Project Grant is designed to capture ideas with the greatest potential to advance health-related knowledge, health research, health care, health systems, and/or health outcomes. It supports projects with a specific purpose and a defined endpoint. The best ideas may stem from new, incremental, innovative, and/or high-risk lines of inquiry or knowledge translation approaches.

4 years 8 months ago
SSHRC – Insight Grant 2016 *updated info under special notes

The objectives of the Insight program are to:

4 years 8 months ago
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute FacultyTraining and Internationalization Program 2016-17

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute has announced a call for applications for Faculty Training and Internationalization program (FTI) from faculty members in all disciplines.  This program aims at capacity building of faculty members as well as internationalization of curriculum and teaching methodologies in the participating institutions.

4 years 8 months ago
Shastri Partnership Seed Grant in Aid 2016-17

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Partnership Seed Grant in Aid program provides partial matching financial contribution as well as logistical support for partner organizations’ programs and activities.  The purpose of SPSG is to support furthering bilateral exchanges, institutional linkages, as well as areas traditionally supported by SICI, including research and other academic collaborations between Canadian and Indian Institutes.

4 years 8 months ago
Shastri Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (SSTSG) 2016-17

The Shastri Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (SSTSG) assists faculty members including graduate and postdoctoral students with travel subsidies to participate in conferences, workshops, seminars and academic meetings in India or Canada with a view of establishing institutional and scholarly linkages. The objective of the SSTSGS are to promote the mobility of scholars between India and Canada, to initiate or strengthen Canada-India knowledge exchange and partnerships, which support education cooperation between the two countries.  

4 years 8 months ago
Shastri Indo-Canadian InstituteResearch Grant 2016-17

The objective is to support collaborative research projects between Indian and Canadian institutions entailing scholars’ mobility as well as capacity building of scholars/researchers between India and Canada. The research theme will build on issues concerning social sciences as well as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

4 years 8 months ago