Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur working at a computer in a design studio with the text "Be your own boss." overlaid

What exactly is Entrepreneurship?

"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources currently controlled." - Howard Stevenson

Intrigued? Find out what makes an entrepreneur, how to create a business idea and start a business and what the lifestyle of an entrepreneur is like in our Introduction to Entrepreneurship program.

This online and on-demand program is intended to expose individuals to basic entrepreneurship concepts and ideas. This self-directed program consists of four learning modules requiring a total of approximately 2-2.5 hours.

Who can take the program:

  • People curious about entrepreneurship careers;
  • People with a business idea;
  • People seeking ways to supplement their current income; and
  • Those interested in beginning to build an understanding of entrepreneurship concepts and ideas.

Note: While most resources are readily available for any interested party there are some resources contained within the program that may have restricted access. Those with an central login will have access to those resources.

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