Introduction to Knowledge Mobilization

How can your research make a real difference?

Estimates suggest that up to half of academic papers are read only by their editors and authors. But you’re working on an important topic – and you want to make an impact with the work that you’re doing. How do you make that happen?

Knowledge mobilization is a skill that can help you move research into action. These three short courses will introduce you to the fundamentals of knowledge mobilization, and help you to make a plan for when, where, how, and with whom you should share your research to maximize its impact.

These online and self-directed programs will expose participants to basic knowledge mobilization models and ideas. Each short course will take approximately 30-45 min to complete, for a total time of 1.5-2.5 hours for those who complete all three courses.

Who can take the program:

  • People curious about what knowledge mobilization/translation/transfer is
  • People who want to maximize the impact of their research
  • Those interested in learning about how to communicate in plain language

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