Animal Science

Chicks in a farm

The following are Licensing Opportunities in Animal Science:

Mouse Model for Metabolic Syndrome

A University of Guelph researcher has developed a novel mouse model, which offers a unique opportunity to study disease progression, and examine various therapies and nutraceuticals that are indicated for treating obesity, MetS, diabetes, and other related CV diseases.

C-difficile Animal Health Vaccine

A University of Guelph research has developed a vaccine for C. difficile for use in humans and we are interested in investigating its use in animals.

Culture Media Improves Embryo Survival

Drs. Allan King and Faz Ashkar at the University of Guelph have created a better method to culture embryos, with or without cryopreservation.

Vaccine Antigens for Necrotic Enteritis of Poultry

Dr. John Prescott has developed two antigens that demonstrate moderate protection for poultry in challenge studies of Necrotic Enteritis.

Poultry Vaccine - Necrotic Enteritis

Researchers at the University of Guelph and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have developed an experimental vaccine composed of three novel antigens from the pili of Clostridium perfringens, the causative agent of necrotic enteritis in poultry.