Temperature Indicator for Cooked Foods


Each year, contaminated food causes more than 50 million illnesses in North America, many of which are caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as E. coli 1.  

One way to prevent illness is too ensure that food is properly cooked, but common methods such as visual inspection or the use of thermometers are often unreliable.

Guelph researchers have developed new doneness indicators that undergo an irreversible physical change when they reach a specific temperature - indicating that the food is ‘done.'  The sensors are made from food-grade fats and carbohydrates, which melt away when they achieve their melting temperature (the same temperature at which the food is ‘done’).


  • Prepared food products at risk of contamination, including meats, bakery products, egg products and others
  • In-home use

Patent Status

Patent pending in Canada (2,885,097).

License Status

Licenses are available.

Development Status

Proof-of-concept completed using ground meat patties.


Steve De Brabandere, sdebrab@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x54916


CDC Estimates of foodborne illness: www.cdc.gov/foodborneburden