Plant Science

Soybean field

The following are Licensing Opportunities in Plant Science:

Screening of Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Plants

The invention is an inexpensive, high-throughput method of screening for improved NUE including early in the growing season. The test works by taking leaf punches of plants, including seedlings, and exposing them to a glutamine biosensor, which is the most direct measure of nitrogen uptake and assimilation.  In field tests, the sensor was able to detect nitrogen uptake from soil, transport to shoots, assimilation into amino acids and re-mobilization from senescing leaf tips of corn.

Measurement of Bio-available Soil Nitrogen

Dr. Manish Raizada of the Department of Plant Agriculture has discovered a reliable method of measuring the amount of bio-available soil nitrogen. The test works by taking leaf punches of plants and exposing them to a glutamine sensor, which is the most direct measure of nitrogen uptake and assimilation. The test can also be used to evaluate fertilizer compositions for bio-available nitrogen.

Improved Biomass and Seed Yield in Oilseed Crops

Research at the University of Guelph has shown that large increases in biomass and seed production of oilseed crops can be achieved by replacing endogenous starch branching enzymes with those from cereal crops such as maize. The university is now seeking partners to expand the method in additional oilseeds, such as soybean, and advance the technology toward commercial release.

Biological Control for Turfgrass Snow Moulds

University of Guelph research has identified a biocontrol for snow mould.  Typhula phacorrhiza is a fungus that thrives on organic debris under snow cover.  It acts as a competitor to prevent development of gray and pink snow moulds.  It is registered for use in both Canada and the United States.

High Efficiency Bioreactor for Plant Micropropagation

The University of Guelph is seeking a partner interested in commercializing stock products for the agricultural sector. The invention is a high efficiency bioreactor for wholesale producers of plants/seeds serving the horticulture industry. The bioreactor directly competes with traditional gel-based systems.

Rooting Grid for Micropropagation

The invention is a plastic support system for maintaining plants in an upright position during tissue culture, particularly the rooting phase. Currently, semi-solid agar media is used to support, grow and root plants in vitro. The grid was developed for researchers and commercial production facilities engaged in plant micropropagation.

Ornamental Strawberry Varieties

Strawberry varieties developed at the University of Guelph have showy white flowers that rise above the leaves in early spring. There are two varieties available for licensing.