Biological Control for Turfgrass Snow Moulds


Snow moulds are fungi that grow at low temperatures, often under snow cover, and can damage plants, especially where snow cover persists for 90 days or more.  These have traditionally been controlled on turfgrass with fungicides containing heavy metal or chlorinated compounds, many of which have been deregistered for safety reasons.

University of Guelph research has identified a biocontrol for snow mould.  Typhula phacorrhiza is a fungus that thrives on organic debris under snow cover.  It acts as a competitor to prevent development of gray and pink snow moulds.  It is registered for use in both Canada and the United States.


  • Suppression of snow mould as good or better than chemical fungicides
  • Biocontrol that is non-toxigenic to people and animals
  • Product is already registered

Registration Status

Product is registered as a microbial pest control agent in both the US and Canada for the control of gray snow mould and pink snow mould in turfgrass on golf courses.

License Status

Product is available for license.


Steve De Brabandere, 519-824-4120 x54916