Bio-based TPO Resin for Injection Moulding


The invention is a bio-based thermoplastic polyolefin composite (bioTPO) that contains up to 33% renewable content. The invention was designed to replace talc-filled polypropylene in automotive applications. Lab-scale demonstrations are complete and the inventors are seeking co-innovation partner(s) for applications testing and scale-up.


  • Automotive Exterior: Bumper covers and exterior trim
  • Automotive Interior: Instrument panels, pillar trim, console, airbag systems
  • Under-the-Hood: Fans, housings, fluid pumps, battery parts


  • Lower specific gravity (0.96-1.04 gm/cc) than talc-filled TPO composites on the market (1.016-1.16 gm/cc)
  • Maintains high strength, stiffness and toughness without compromising the density of the composite
  • Predominant filler (bio-carbon) is a low-cost renewable material that can be produced sustainably with net negative carbon emissions

Patent Status

Utility patent applications have entered national phase in the US (15/674,015) and Canada (2,975,803) with claims to the formulation and method of manufacture.

License Status

Seeking co-innovation partner(s).


Martin Ciuk, 519-824-4120 x53808