Dry Substrate Blocks for Green Roofs


The invention is growing media to accommodate roofs as steep as 45º (12/12 pitch). The modular, light-weight design makes shipping and installation easy.

Base layer for vegetating sloped roofs


  • Individual blocks of growing media (clay, composted pine, polystyrene) fasten together to form a continuous base layer.
  • Dry, light-weight and stackable blocks are easy to store, ship and install.
  • Interlocking design provides maximum stability.
  • Vertical water retention layers evenly distribute moisture across the entire roof.

Patent Status

The patent application (PCT/CA2015/050866) received a favorable international search report, was recently granted in Canada (2,926,501) and is in national phase for the United States (15/508,171). The published patent can be accessed here.

License Status

The University of Guelph is actively seeking potential licensees and/or co-development partners to improve methods of manufacture.


Martin Ciuk, mciuk@uoguelph.ca 519-824-4120 x53808