High Strength, High Conductivity Aluminum Alloy

 a close-up of a pin-fin heat exchanger.


  • Castable aluminum alloy with high strength and high conductivity (thermal, electrical.)
  • Free from exotic alloying elements and compositionally robust.
  • Reduced or eliminated hot-tearing susceptibility.
  • Proof of concept stage attained.
  • Derivative and new variant technologies are currently under development.

Applications and Advantages

  • Allows fabrication of complex parts that balance the strength of wrought aluminum with the conductivity of copper, without the need for welding or machining.
  • Electrically/thermally conductive cast alumnium parts with improved conductivity.
    • E.g. electric motor rotors, battery trays, motor/inverter casings, heat sinks
  • Reduce the weight of copper components by replacing copper with aluminum.
  • Non-exotic alloy composition reduces cost and increases recyclability.


Provisional utility patent application pending in the US.

Seeking licensee(s).


Michael Fowler, michaelf@uoguelph.ca, 519-824-4120 x53808