Smart Whole Body Vibration Attenuation for Vehicle Seating


  • Device which replaces the cushions of seats in heavy equipment with a compact, semi-active smart cushion, adaptable to any model.
  • Upgrades vehicle seats with modern anti-vibration technology without total replacement with a more expensive modern seat system.
  • Tunable to specific vehicle operation to maximize ride comfort for the operator for longer periods.

Applications and Advantages

  • Suitable for any vehicle in which vibration can be transmitted to the operator's spine via the seating system, particularly unsprung vehicles.
  • Example applications include: agriculture, forestry, long distance and local transport, military vehicles, warehouse and construction equipment, mining vehicles, etc.
  • No equivalent is available, alternatives are expensive and require extensive vehicle refits.
  • The cushion can be mounted to any vehicle seat, requires only access to a 12V outlet.
  • Smart electronics adapt a preprogrammed vibration profile to extant conditions in real time.
  • Reduced vibration loading to operator lower fatigue and attenuates long-term health effects of vibration exposure.
  • Only minor R&D needed for market readiness.


Patents Pending: US 20220134920; CA 3140920; WO 2020232538.

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Michael Fowler,, 519-824-4120 x53808