Soft Robotic Gripper Using Auxetic Structures

Close-up of the soft robotic gripper holding a small and curved humidifier


  • Soft robotic gripper for holding surfaces with multiple curvatures and/or fragile objects.
  • Auxetic structure with negative Poisson's ratio.
  • Synclastic curvature transverse to long axis.
  • Proof of concept stage attained.
  • Derivative and new variant technologies are currently under development.


Applications and Advantages

  • Auxetic structure has negative Poisson's ratio, conforms to broader variety of shapes.
  • Capable of gripping compound curvatures, conforming with gripped surface.
  • Strongly grips fragile yet heavy objects by distributing force over a wide surface area.
  • Entire surface of gripper is used to grasp object, not just the tips.
  • Variable grasp orientation through differential curvature. Can be augmented with feedback sensors and other devices.
  • Usable in fruit picking, fine manufacturing, remote manipulation, etc.


Utility patent applications pending in the US (US 20210016452) and Canada (CA 3082180)

Seeking licensee(s).


Michael Fowler,, 519-824-4120 x53808